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SHMG provides  medical services to the township of Swan Hill, smaller townships north to Boundary Bend,  south to Lake Boga, and in to New South Wales as far as Moulamein. There are approximately  16,000 local residents with another 10,000 further afield  utilising hospital services.

We provide substantial services to, and are opposite the 52 bed sub-regional hospital, pictured above, which has emergency, maternity, theatre, dialysis etc, as well as a diverse primary health team. There are also Mental Health and Aboriginal services. There are daily clinics and a 24/7 GP on-call roster.

SHMG is committed to the provision of services that allow quality care for as wide a range of medical conditions as can be safely managed without referral, and the expeditious safe transfer of care to appropriate locations when necessary. Team care is fostered and encouraged.

SHMG has strong  educational processes and has opened a year-round medical school campus in 2010 which is part of the Bendigo-based Monash Rural Medical School.
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